In Awe

At the beginning of the week, I cut Chris’ hair and never posted a few pictures that Ashley took in the process. (can’t wait to get my hair cut on Wednesday)

convincing Chris I had the right guard on the clippers

getting started

It’s been a full couple of days. Wednesday after work, I had a baby shower at LPA for one of my co-workers. It was so fun to celebrate with her! Then, for the first time in like a month on Thursday, I had energy! On the other hand, I pulled a muscle pretty bad this past week on the side of my chest and it hurts to breathe, stretch, cough, sneeze, and move (haha yeah, it stinks and it’s been getting worse). After work yesterday, I ended up riding with Mike to meet our friends at the fair. The fair was really fun! I don’t ride ride, but I ate a corn dog, fried oreos, and a frozen chocolate covered banana. A couple pictures to come from the night…courtesy of Chad. Didn’t end up getting home and in bed till around 1am, so I am pretty tired tonight.

After work today, I got to meet with one of Lauren’s best friends and a very dear friend of mine, Elizabeth! I loved getting to spend time with her. We grabbed zpizza and talked for about 2 hours! I am so excited about what the Lord is doing in her life and heart! I can see Him working in her life and shifting her focus on Him. I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use her to minister to others and see how the Lord is going to continue revealing Himself to her. Love her so much! Can’t wait to get together with her again soon! I was planning on going to 5th quarter to help out with the high schoolers, but I needed the night off to relax.

Tomorrow morning with be pretty busy as well with a baby shower for Abby and then the Fall Festival at work, which I made these awesome posters for:

all my kids were so impressed haha

I was reminded tonight of how amazing good God is. His grace is so great. I never want to get over all that He is. I love to think about how much the Lord has done to change me, how fervently He pursues me, how faithful He is, and how much joy He brings. I am amazed by His love for me and how much He has changed me. I know that is pretty short and sweet…I am just in awe of Christ and remembering to remain in the shadow of His glorious cross!


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