Hello everyone! I am just feeling particularly bubbly right now! Yesterday after another long day at work, I headed to Bojangles off Western to meet with my dgroup! The whole group finally got to be there together! YAY! It was such sweet fellowship and I love hearing about all that God is teaching them and I am thankful for their transparency in what they are struggling with in their walk with the Lord. It is encouraging to hear others don’t have it all together either and hear how to pray for them. I also love being able to hear how others respond to a struggle; it’s so neat to hear everyone share wisdom that God has given them in so many areas. My dgroup is such a blessing to me and I am praying that I am a blessing to them as well!

After dgroup, I got to go spend the night at Laura’s house! It was so great! We have been trying to get together the last few weeks and it hasn’t worked out, so when she asked if I could stay with her, I was so excited. I loved getting to catch up with her and laugh with her. It’s amazing all that God is doing in her heart as an 11th grader. I am so thankful for her sweet spirit and for allowing me to really be involved in her life!

Today work was long again…it’s been a rough couple weeks for me in that area. But, my kids did make my day this afternoon with all the sweet art they made me! (haha they wanted to paint with water colors so I decided to paint with them; then they wanted me to make them pictures and they made me pictures). Also, on a completely random note, today was mandated pajama day in the pre-k room and the kids were just adorable!

this is what I painted for one of my sweet little guys 🙂

look at all that awesome art!

one of my precious kids brought me stickers from China...he was so excited to give them to me!

Ok, once I got home from work I ran some errands because this week is all about dinosaurs with the kids. I got some clay to make dinosaur eggs with them and then paint them after they dry! EXCITED! When I got home from errands, Callie came over for a while! It has seriously been way too long since I have gotten to see her! So thankful for her sweet friendship! She is always refreshing to be around and I love getting to catch up on her life as well as catch her up on mine!! Another wonderful person came today….LAUREN!!!! She is finally home for fall break! 🙂

mother-daughter love!

sisters re-united...and it feels so good!

Oh man, God is good! I am just so reminded this week of His love for me and what His love really means. I was singing along in my car to a wonderful song that totally went with that theme and a small portion of the lyrics are: “Because of your cross my debt is paid, Because of your blood my sins are washed away, Now all of my life I freely give, Because of your love, because your love I live.” I think I have posted the song previously on here, but that small section is just playing over and over in my head. His love means salvation through the cross of Christ. His love means I lack nothing because in Him I have everything. His love means I have life in Him. His love means everything to me! I am reminded today of how I am glad life is not really easy for me right now (it’s just not the way I expected it to be) and has not been for a while…I don’t take false security in anything because of that. I don’t find false joy, satisfaction, or contentment in anything because of that. I focus on the main thing (God’s glory) because of that. Out of God’s love, He is making me more and more like Him and He is keeping me close to Him at all times! I am so thankful that I am not slowly having God’s wrath poured out of me by being given over to desires of my heart that are not aimed at Him. In all things, I want to be single minded and gain Christ. All things are a means to achieve Him. I do not want to desire anything above Christ! Praise God! He is so so so good!


2 thoughts on “Bubbly

    • Thanks Mrs. Childs! I am so looking forward to spending time with them! Bummed that I spend most of the day at work though (minus an hour lunch break). I am so glad the reminders were a blessing to you! God is so good to bring them to my mind and to bring them there more often! Love you and hope your family comes over for another dinner soon!

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