Pointing to the Cross or Hindering the View

Long title, I know, but I couldn’t sum it up any shorter! Today I got to go to work late and just do 10-5pm and then had to head home to change, go to a staff meeting from 6-7pm and then pick up my mom to go to my sweet friend Brooke’s bridal shower! It was such a wonderful time and so great to be around so many lovely ladies. I am so excited for Brooke and Andrew as they are about to start their lives together in just a few short months! What a blessing it is to be a part of Brooke’s life and to get to see her marry the man she loves and seek to honor the Lord in a marriage covenant to him! Here are just a few pictures with a couple of the sweet friends that were there 🙂

"all my single ladies" haha yes there was a dance session going on right before this picture to that song

me and the beautiful bride-to-be 🙂

love these three ladies!!!

I don’t know if I will get a chance to blog tomorrow, but I am hoping I get a chance to do a quick post. After work, I am going to the Crusade Barn Party! I am so excited! Getting to wear overalls, button down, and cowgirl boots…so fun! I haven’t ever been to it (they do it each year) and I have heard it’s a blast! Then Saturday, Chris and I are headed to Blacksburg for the VT vs Clemson game! Very excited about that as well. Anyways, I probably won’t get a chance to post until Sunday (if that), so I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Today I was just thinking about life (as I typically do) and what mine is reflecting. I want everything I do to be pointing to the cross and I started to think about what in my life may not be doing so. I don’t want any part of my life to be hindering anyone’s view of the cross; I should not be a distraction from Christ, but a reflection of Him to others. That means every decision I make isn’t just about me, but about how that decision will affect others and the glory of God being revealed. I am praying that God would make me more like Christ, that my life would be a complete sacrifice to Him, that I would be used to the full for His glory, and that nothing I do or say would keep anyone from knowing Him or faithfully pursuing Christ-likeness. Lord, let me be pointing to Your glorious cross and not hindering anyone else view of it, let me be nothing and you be everything…because I MUST decrease and You must increase! Let Your glory be revealed through my life and never allow me to “get in the way.”

On a completely separate note, I was listening to Providence College Ministry band and there is a part in one of their songs that I LOVE to cry out to God and it’s been bursting from my soul. It’s so simple, but it really is the cry of my heart: “Come soon, we are waiting Jesus. Come soon, we are waiting here for You.” We don’t think about being with our Savior enough and I truly just can’t wait! I want my mind to be on things eternal and not temporary…I need to Live In View of Eternity (L.I.V.E.)–> looking forward to talking about this a little more in a future post about Christ’s second coming, as requested by my wonderful little sister, Lauren. Brings me so much joy to hear that she is studying the Word and desiring to think upon Christ and only things of Him. What an encouragement both of my little sisters are to me! Such a blessing! (haha I guess I had a couple separate notes in that little paragraph!)

One final note. My mom has her CT Scan this morning. Please pray for only one stick for the IV, pray that her nerves would be calmed and everything would go smoothly, pray that no other cancer has popped up in her body, and most importantly pray that no matter what God’s will is done and He is glorified. Ok, now I am really done. Goodnight everyone!


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