For Today

This will be a relatively short post. Today was pretty typical…woke up and worked from 7-4pm and now I am home with my family. I am really excited for my mom and dad because they are going on a little dessert date to the Melting Pot tonight. It’s been quite a while since my parents have just gotten away for a date night!

I on the other hand don’t really have any plans for the night. I am hoping something will come up, but if not I will just have to find something to do around here. 

This morning, I checked Facebook before I headed to work and this note from Seth Davey popped up on my newsfeed and was truly a blessing to read! I will let what he wrote speak for itself:


This is a reflection on God’s words in Isaiah 40 – written during an emotional trial. God truly is the God of all comfort.

For Today

Today I want an answer. A feeling of clarity; to understand why I’m here and where “here” is.

The future’s as dark as the past. I mourn the things I’ve lost, while I fear the things I’ll miss.  

What hope have I to face tomorrow?

Will I learn from history or just keep writing it?

Was yesterday meant to build or break me?

Will I solve the mystery or just keep fighting it?


I want to rise up on wings as eagles

I want to run and not grow weary

I want to walk and not faint…

But today it’s hard to wait


Then suddenly a thought invades the silence: that God is Creator of every good thing

His eyes never sleep, His feet never tire; and His merciful hands keep pulling the strings

Tomorrow may bring a thousand questions.

But I’ll learn from history as He keeps writing it

Yesterday was meant to build and break me.

So the only mystery is why I keep fighting it


Someday I’ll rise up on wings as eagles

I’ll run and not grow weary

I’ll walk and not faint…

But today I need to learn to wait.  

God, teach me to wait. 


Seriously…Amen! My soul cries this out as well! Thank you Seth so much for writing!


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