Who is Jesus?

Well I am sitting here, drinking coffee, in the waiting room at REX Surgery Center…my dad is back being prepped for surgery and my mom is back there with him now.

checking in...I love these two people with all my heart!

I am trying to motivate myself to do get ahead on lesson planning for work and do some school work, but I just don’t feel like it, so I am blogging instead. (very thankful I just have the one co-op this semester)

ahhh lots of work to do! all those documents are different assignments...and that's not even the extent of them (for one class!!!!!)

Before I get to work on all that stuff, I wanted to share stuff from last night. Cru was great! JD Greer, pastor at Summit, spoke on John 14:6. What a blessing to be reminded of the Gospel and how it should affect my life. If we believe that Jesus really is who He says He is, He will have control of every dimension of our lives. It’s impossible to have luke warm feelings about Christ and ever really have known Him and understood who He says He is. You will either fall at His feet in love and worship, giving Him complete Lordship over your life or you will reject Him in anger and hatred. So who does Jesus say He is?? (because from this is how we decide if we believe who He says He is):

1. “I am the Way”- Christ says He is the ONLY way to heaven; He is the way to God. Jesus claimed to be God and the only way to get to God…He didn’t say He was a good teacher, a prophet, etc. so why do people think they can water Him down to just those things; yes He is those things, but He is also God and that was His claim! No man comes to the Father, we can’t be in His presence with our sin; but CHRIST made the way. We deserve Hell, the wrath of God poured out on us. When we understand this, it will change us one way or the other.

2. “I am the Truth”- Jesus said He was the truth…He is the only way to know right and wrong, truth from untruth. We have to decide if we believe that. We can’t make Christ someone He didn’t say He was. We don’t get to make Christ what we want Him to be; He is who He is and we can’t know Him any other way. It is not arrogant to say we know Truth because it’s what Christ said He was; by His grace, we just chose to believe Him and therefore we know Truth. And because we are finite beings and God is much greater and higher than us in every way, that means His wisdom is so much higher than ours…there are going to be many things that we will not understand/see clearly, but He does because He is the COMPLETE TRUTH!

3. “I am the Life”- Us being separated from God is spiritual death…that’s what we are without Him. We are dead and we are “living” a life that only leads to eternal death. We were created to be whole in the love of God by a relationship with Christ. To have Christ is to have life itself. What are we trying to make life apart from Him? (the answer to that will reveal our idols) Anything else we build our life upon will crumble and will cause us to crumble. This is what Jesus tells us and this is exactly what I believe!

What a great message and a wonderful time of worship! Once I got home, I got to talk to my best friend Callie for just a little bit!!! I just can’t wait for her to come home from NY…4 months away from her has been TOOOOO long!

Alright, I am going to go see my dad in pre-op now then get some work done. Please be praying for my dad’s surgery if you think of us. We greatly appreciate our brothers and sisters in Christ lifting us up to His throne in prayer. Our family has been through a lot in just the past several months and we would just be so relieved if this goes smoothly with no complications. Either way though, we will be praising God and trusting Him with His plan!


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