Dad’s Surgery Update

Hey everyone! So incredibly happy to say that dad’s surgery went well! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Dad is home, resting, and joking like his usual self. It’s funny because he was pretty much making people laugh as soon as he was coming to from the drugs…he is such a trooper! My dad and my mom are so awesome.

these are 2 of my heros (what a joy to watch their love and support for each other grow continually)...this was right after we got to go back and see him post-surgery

What wonderful role models they are for me and my siblings. God has been so good to me and so good to our family! While my mom and I waited in the waiting room during dad’s surgery our dear family friend Mr. Hornaday came and kept us company. We are truly blessed; such wonderful friends and family! The surgery took about an hour and 15 minutes; then we waited for about 20ish minutes after he was back in recovery to go see him. It was so weird to see him in a hospital bed…but so good to see that he was ok! We were out of Rex Surgery Center around 12:15pm after getting there at 7:30am, so we picked up some Boston Market and headed home. We all took naps and are now just relaxing and ready to spend time together as the outskirts of hurricane Irene come through (wish Lauren could be here with us as well). Here are a couple of pre-surgery pictures that we got in the pre-op room:

he had such a great attitude as he was just about to go in for surgery! overwhelmed with love for this man...he is the best dad in the world

the best parents in the world!

my sweet mom...isn't she GORGEOUS???

blue cap on and ready to go

Praying for my relatives in Poquoson…the area floods very easily and they are staying in town with the hurricane coming. There was an evacuation order, but they decided to stick it out; praying for their safety and for the flooding to not get too bad!


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