Marriage and Men

I will try to make this quick…but let’s be real, most of the time I am not good at that. Yesterday I worked from 8-5 and spent the last hour making signs for the concert/open house we had for the kids and families this morning. After work, I went to hang out with some awesome girls! It was such a sweet time of fellowship and encouragement.

We listened to a sermon from Mark Driscoll called Marriage and Men from 1 Peter 3:7 (I am hoping to listen to Marriage and Women from 1 Peter 3:6 soon). I took a lot of notes on this so I will shorten it a lot! I love this one statement he made, “Loving a woman is for men, not boys.” Real men take responsibility and they take responsibility seriously. Christ took responsibility for us as the head of the new covenant and a husband is to do that as well as the head of the marriage covenant (following Christ’s example, for His glory). The for men to understanding true masculinity is understanding the gospel; Christ is the model for masculinity. The foundation to being a Godly man= committing and submitting to God and His Word. Driscoll also talked about how marriage doesn’t make a boy a man, but that boy just ruins the woman and children (if they have them)…this and other things are reasons women are prone to fear in marriage; we marry and have to trust that man with the rest of our lives. The fear is legitimate, so men need to behave in a way that alleviates these fears:

  1. honor her maritally (Eph. 5:25)
  2. honor her physically
  3. honor her emotionally
  4. honor her verbally
  5. honor her financially
  6. honor her practically
  7. honor her parentally
  8. honor her spiritually

Men should be active in growth on their own; the woman will not need to drag him to church, community group, ministry opportunities, etc…he will pursue these things on his own if he is Godly and pursuing holiness. This is the type of man I want to find. I am so discouraged and frustrated by seeing boys around me who are not maturing, growing up, taking responsibility, being respectable and respectful, and most importantly pursuing Christ-likeness. A man who does not honor and love God’s daughter will not be listened to by God; obviously no man will do this perfectly, but a man will be marked by repentance and love if he is God’s child and being obedient to Him in how to love a woman. I pray for the man that God may have in my future; for him to be walking with God now and growing in love for Him and others, to be pouring into ministry and serving faithfully, for God to be preparing his heart to love, protect, provide for, and lead me well, in a way that honors the Lord and me. I am praying for myself that I am being prepared to serve him as his helpmate, to submit to his authority (knowing the great security and joy in doing that), to be a wonderful wife and mother with care, nurturing, love, and wisdom. I don’t know what God has in my future and my earnest hope is that I will find a man after His own heart, but I am trusting the Lord to do whatever He wills and in His time, knowing that is the best plan for my life. I was reminded last night how much better it is to wait on the Lord, even when it gets hard and even in the area of relationships. There are times when I struggle with loneliness and I have to battle that. I know so many others that struggle with the same thing, no matter how much they wouldn’t want to admit it. But I wouldn’t want to just find any random boy to “satisfy” that loneliness. There is no void in my life because I have Christ and I am being deceived if I think that I need anyone else to complete me; also, not just any boy will be a blessing and help to point me to Christ…waiting on God to provide the blessing of a Godly man (if He decides to give me that blessing) is so much better. Truly I have no idea if that part made any sense because it came from my thoughts, but hopefully it was beneficial to someone (if not, at least I can look back on it again in the future and maybe get encouragement from it if I can make sense of it).

Today I helped from 9-10am to set up for the kids concert/open house and then headed over to go to the Americas. Sadly, it got cancelled because of the rain 😦 I did however pray for the 3 boys that I saw on the courts as I drove by. I almost got out of the car with Ashley to go play soccer with them even though the college class wasn’t coming, but I figured that the boys would be annoyed because I can’t play soccer at all and Ashley had flip flops on. I can’t wait to finally get back to hanging out with the kids…the last 2 weeks have been cancelled due to weather (and I was out of town last week at the beach). C2 did meet up to go to State and help people move in to University Towers. It was really cool to just walk up to strangers and help them carry things. We invited the students to come try Colonial if they were looking for a church to go to. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to serve others today!

I spent the rest of the afternoon/night with my dear friend Morgan! It was so much fun! We ran errands to get stuff for her apartment and then we watched Shutter Island (I hadn’t seen it…mind boggling). I loved getting to spend so much time with her and can’t say enough how valuable her friendship is to me! Okay, so I guess I didn’t do so great on keeping it short haha…figures! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far!


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