…and just like that, we’re active!

Yall…it’s unbelievable how quickly the past 5 months have flown by with the stacks of paperwork, several home study visits, countless appointments, and constant fundraising…but we are so excited to finally share that we are officially active! YAY! We are now in the waiting phase (a phase with MANY ups and downs as we’ve heard!!). In this stage, we will have cases sent to us that we will choose whether or not to be presented/considered on. For the cases we choose to be a part of, the birth moms will look over our profile and we will wait for one to choose us as adoptive parents for her baby. Once we are matched and baby is born, we will be traveling to whatever State the baby is born in and will stay there for around 2 weeks while both States sign off on us traveling home! Crazy right?!?!?!

There’s so much for us to do while we are waiting to be matched. To be perfectly real, we are just hoping for enough time to feel like our heads are on straight! ūüôā It’s overwhelming (in the best way) to think of how our lives will change in the matter of a few emails and phone calls. Jeremy and I are really trying to savor every last minute we have left as “just the two of us” as we also try to scramble and get our hearts and home prepared for children. The foreseeable future will be jam-packed with all of our normal routines plus getting a nursery together, gathering all we will need for traveling (when it’s time to finalize the adoption), praying, and hopefully reading some great parenting/adoption books.

So far, the adoption process has been better than we could’ve hoped for. We’ve learned and grown so much! We’ve LOVED our partnership with Faithful Adoption Consultants as well as Nathanson Adoption services. The people we have been able to connect with have been so kind and so helpful. We would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is looking into adopting. Honestly, we really feel as though we have the best support system anyone could ever ask for. Our friends and family have blown us away with the ways they have loved us, celebrated with us, and supported us through every single little step. We can’t wait to see what they will all do once there’s a squishy little baby (or babies) to love on as well. ūüôā

Stick around to keep hearing more updates on the adoption process! So many unknowns ahead!!!

In the meantime, please don’t forget to come out February 18th to show your support to our friend Seth and to us at the Album Release Concert!! It’s just $5 a ticket at the door and it’s gonna be such a great evening! All the proceeds from the evening will go toward our adoption and you’ll get to enjoy some awesome music!!


Christ Covenant Church

Hey everyone! I know our blog has been much more geared toward the adoption and cancer updates lately, but I’ve got a bit of a different life update to share today.

As many of you know, Jeremy has been given a passion and gifting for leading worship. Over the past 2 years (since we’ve been married), he has faithfully served the body of Christ through student ministries at Summit and using his specific gifting to lead at various local churches on Sunday mornings. Several months ago, God began to stir in Jeremy’s heart to be using his gifts deeper through using them effectively in one local body. Shortly after that, we were approached by Christ Covenant and asked to consider a part time position for Jeremy to lead worship at their church. After several weeks of prayer, counsel, discussion, and some tears, we were convinced that God was calling us to make this change.

So beginning this first week of February, Jeremy and I will be transitioning to Christ Covenant Church. We would be so grateful for prayers as we make this transition in the midst of so many other transitions. Change is especially hard for me, so I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that all this change is happening at once. We believe God has great plans. We are believing God will bring about deep community for us at our new church, that He will teach and grow us there, and that He will use us to bless others as a result of us being there. We are incredibly sad to be leaving Summit, our small group, and our students. It’s kind of a funny place to be when you want to tell God “no” in the beginning of a decision making process, but truly can’t because you know God’s will is for you to say “yes.” We by no means take switching churches lightly; it’s a weighty decision. We know that this move will be blessed as we are being faithful to what God is calling us to and we look forward to what He has planned for us. We believe the best is yet to come for us, Christ Covenant Church, and the Summit Church and we are just grateful for the privilege of being involved in His plans.

Album Release Concert!!!

Alright yall…as promised, I finally have details on that exciting event we’ve been talking about for months now!

Many of you already know Seth Davey, but for those of you who don’t, I will just say that he is both very talented and very generous. Seth has just created his first solo album and will be holding an Album Release Concert February 18th and it will be $5 at the door for a ticket!!

Seth created this album very specifically to bless others both through his music and through the money generated by it. He has asked Jeremy to be a part of the concert by playing a few songs with him and has graciously chosen to give all the proceeds from the night to our adoption fund. This is going to be an incredible evening that you won’t want to miss! Help us make this event a huge success!

Below is the flyer with all the details you will need to know!


Cancer and Adoption Update

Well I feel really behind on posting updates, so bare with me as I hit multiple areas of life in this post.

First, here’s a little update on how my mom is doing. Everyone has been so kind and thoughtful to consistently ask me how my mom is doing, so thank you for that. It is a great encouragement to us that she is in your thoughts and prayers. Mom is doing well. She is such a trooper! She just finished up her 5th chemo treatment of this cycle and we received news last month that the CT scan and blood work results revealed that treatments are shrinking the cancer!! Praise the Lord! Another small update for mom is that she now has a port. For those of you who are familiar with what that is, it’s basically a small, surgically implanted, device (up near the collar bone) where the doctors can easily access the bloodline for treating with chemotherapy. Mom has been stuck countless times over the past 6 years of treatment and it has NEVER been easy to find a vein for treatment, so she finally gave in to getting a port before this last treatment. The port will stay in place in between treatments (even if there is a several month break in treatments). Along with the new port, Mom also had some genetic testing done to see if she has a specific BRCA gene that could be linked to her cancer. While the outcome of these test won’t necessarily change the diagnosis, it could provide extra treatment options/guide treatment more effectively. Mom’s spirits have been high and she is still trusting in the Lord’s plans. We are truly grateful for all the love and support we have received from family and friends!

Now, for the adoption update. This is another area of our lives that has been so surrounded with love, support, prayers, and inquiries for which we count ourselves as extremely fortunate! We FINALLY received the State document we’ve been waiting for (for 9 long weeks) in the mail yesterday, so we can actually schedule our final home study visit! YAY! Everything is getting more and more real as we get closer to becoming active (able to have our profile shown to birth moms). Once we complete our home study, we wait for it to get approved and then we send all of our many, many documents over to our consultant group. After that, we wait. We wait to be chosen by a birth mom as adoptive parents. Honestly, we are kind of excited about this waiting period…we don’t know how long or short it will be (kind of hoping for at least several month), but we believe this time will be sweet for us. The past several months have been full of running around trying to get everything in order to even be able to adopt, so we are looking forward for a time to prepare our hearts and our home for our growing family! Jeremy and I are treasuring this time that it is still just us, even as we eagerly anticipate adding a member to our family! We covet prayers for our hearts to be still, to trust in the Lord’s timing (even if it surprises us), and for preparations to become parents!

Still along the lines of the adoption, I wanted to give a short fundraising update! Once we have an approved home study, we will be able to submit applications for grants. There will be a few matching grants that we may do, so keep an eye out for those! We are about 21% funded so far and are truly blown away by people’s generosity. We still plan to order at least one more round of t-shirts if we can get this 3rd order built up (if you’re interested, there will be a link at the bottom of the post). It has been so cool to see people wearing our shirts. We have been blessed by photos sent to us, hearing how much people love the shirts, seeing instagram/facebook posts, and even running into people while they have them on. Thank you so much to everyone who has already purchased the shirts! ūüôā The dear friend who designed our shirts held a fundraiser all last month for us through selling her artwork. Yall, I don’t even know how much was raised yet, but I can tell you that the act of someone choosing to use their talents to bless us is more beautiful and encouraging to us than we can say.

And to keep the blessings rolling, we have another dear friend who is using his talents to help support us. I mentioned (I think in my last post) that there would be an exciting opportunity to support us coming up. I still don’t have many details to share on this event yet, but I will say, we have a really great evening for all of you to attend coming soon (hopefully in January or February). The only hint I can give at this moment is that it will involve some sweet music ūüôā Trust me, you won’t want to miss it! I will share more as soon as I can!!


Here is the link to our t-shirt order form:



And here is the link to our crowdfunding site where you can give online:


Home Study & Profile Book

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about yall, but I am ready for the weekend. It’s been a busy couple of weeks around our house. We had an RV show last weekend in Greensboro (complete with multiple Urgent Care visits due to Jeremy slicing¬†through a¬†good chunk of his finger and requiring stitches), we FINALLY got in the¬†corrected 1st order of t-shirts (which means we can finally distribute them to our amazing supporters), we created–>ordered–>and received¬†our adoption profile books, we¬†began¬†planning¬†a few fundraiser opportunities (there’s one very special one you should be on the look-out for),¬†and we had our first of three¬†home study visits! BUSY!

A few details into our home study: We applied to Nathanson Adoption Services for our home study and were quickly accepted and given the number to our assigned social worker. Our first home study visit came sooner than expected when we got to meet our social worker the day after contacting her. I took some comfort in the fact that Jeremy and I just happened to have cleaned the house the morning of our phone call and felt ready to have a next day meeting. So far, we LOVE our social worker. She is kind, helpful, friendly, and easy to talk to. Our first meeting seemed to go great and we are looking forward to our second meeting next week. Many friends have asked us what the home study visits are for, so I will take a minute to explain that. In summary, the meetings are to get to know us as a couple, get to know us as individuals, and get to know the home the child would be brought in to. Simply put, they try to make sure that we are fit to be adoptive parents and provide a safe environment for children.

Now a few details about the profile books: ¬†The profile book is extremely important because it is how we are presented to birth mothers. Agencies will show birth moms our book in order for her to learn about us and help her to¬†decide if she wants us as her child’s adoptive parents…CRAZY!¬†We decided to try and create our own profile book instead of going with a professional designer, even though that was the highly recommended route. I can’t tell you how daunting the task of putting a book like that together really is. As you can imagine, I was pretty nervous about making the book myself, but Jeremy and I thought we should at least¬†give it a shot. Creating the book ourselves both saved us money and ended up being a really special part of this process for us. FAC told us from the beginning¬† not to¬†be offended or hurt when they come back with many corrections and changes that would need to be done on personally created profiles…so with low expectations,¬†I sent in my proof to be looked over¬†and¬†was completely shocked to receive an instant approval. That being said, we now have our books in hand and get to cross another step off of our to-do list!

While you’re waiting to hear about the special fundraiser we are planning, we’ve had a number of people ask us if we have a way to give donations online towards our adoption. I’m happy to finally share that link with all of you! We have included our fundraising goal and plan to record outside donations toward the goal as well.¬†Like we’ve said before, adoption is expensive, but we believe it’s worth it and that God will provide. It kind of scares me to be so transparent with the amount that we need to raise, but I’m trusting that it is better to be real and portray an accurate picture of what it takes to adopt.


Faithful Adoption Consultants

Alright, as I mentioned at the very end of our last post, we are now actually partnered with a consultant group in the adoption: Faithful Adoption Consultants (or FAC). We are so thrilled to be working with FAC. They have been so great to work with already. From the first phone call we had with them, they stood out to us. They made us feel comfortable, confident, and informed.

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about what an adoption consultant does and how it’s different from an agency, so I will try to break it down very basically.¬†Adoption Agencies are typically licensed by states, so they work only in those states where licensed (which means, that is where you will adopt from).¬†Our consultant group works¬†with multiple agencies across the US as an advocate for their adoptive families. This means, we have no idea where we will be adopting from, but it will be somewhere in the US and because there is a broader reach, our profile book¬†has the potential to be in many birth mother’s hands. FAC will walk alongside us through this whole process. If anyone has any questions specifically about FAC or how we chose them, feel free to ask! ūüôā

So right now, we are filling out applications to some of the agencies FAC works with, creating our profile book (which will be how we are presented to birth moms…very daunting task), scheduling our home study (which should take 8-11 weeks to complete once we begin), continuing to pursue fundraising options, and just trying to prepare our home and ourselves for the adventure that awaits.

Lessons from Fundraising

There have been a few things lately God has been pressing in on¬†my heart that I don’t really want to forget when I look back on this time. This adoption process, specifically fundraising right now, has been painful. It’s not all been that way, but there are so many ups and downs. I tend to recall much more often, the negative things that have¬†happened¬†over the tremendous generosity¬†and kindness that has been displayed to us by many.¬†It’s easy to get lost on¬†the¬†multiple printing errors in the 1st order of t-shirts (which are still being working out) and the delay in placing the¬†2nd order of t-shirts due to the errors, or¬†the feeling of being out of ideas to raise the money, or just¬†the awareness that I’m not¬†meeting the expectations I had for what successful fundraising would look like. Please don’t take this as me wallowing in self-pity, but more a moment of vulnerability.¬†I know there are so many who have gone before us that have felt the¬†stresses that come with the adoption process and many who will come after us that will experience¬†them as well.¬†I am confident that God has made this part of the process especially taxing in order to teach us and prepare us for the even messier parts of adoption and parenting that¬†are still to come.¬†It is not by accident nor by error that fundraising has not been as smooth as¬†the¬†filling out of paperwork piles.¬†I am learning, very slowly (and sadly not without resistance), that I am far too dependent on myself instead of God. These funds will not be raised the way I expected…and honestly, that is beginning to excite me. I’m kind of pumped to see what God does and how He puts Himself on display. I definitely didn’t start out that way, but I’ve been graciously reminded of the following:

  • God is powerful- He is powerful enough to make the adoption happen and to fully fund us however He sees fit.
  • God is patient- He is ever so patient with my stubbornness and continues to graciously break me and teach me through His Word, His people,¬†and through circumstance.
  • He has always been and will always be faithful and trustworthy- there is no reason not to believe He will be faithful to us in this adoption process. We fully believe God has placed adoption on our hearts for a reason and should trust Him to reveal the ways He wants us to pursue that.
  • He chooses to work and provide in unexpected ways- we really shouldn’t be surprised that God doesn’t do things the way we envisioned and it’s been shown that He has more in store for us than we anticipated through His plans.
  • Even when all our efforts fail, His will not- I cannot measure God’s ability, by my own. I’m realizing that even when I don’t see a way, that doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a way. God’s love should be measured by the cross and His power by the resurrection…so how could I possibly continue to doubt Him in light of that.

These reminders have given me great encouragement and continue to challenge my heart to have faith and hope in God. Yall, Jeremy and I really are so thankful to be in the adoption process and we are incredibly blessed by the number of people who have been walking through it with us. Please continue to pray for our eyes to be fixed on Jesus and for God to provide for the sweet little baby that He has already chosen to place in our care.


Oh, I almost forgot to share…we are officially partnered with the consultant group we applied to! YAY! I will share more on that in my next post!